Get started

Our many years of experience indicate that the whole process hinges on a few simple questions. Please take a few moments to read through these questions and then reflect on how you will live in (and on) your new flooring. Then head on down to Southern Carpet Wholesale and let one of our trained professionals walk you through the options.
“Who uses the space?” Do you have children or pets that will live in the space? Do you have teenagers that “forget” to wipe their feet? Certain products can live a little bit more easily than others. There have been amazing strides in stain resistance technologies for carpeting, but sometimes a durable and waterproof vinyl plank floor is the ticket.
“How do you live?” Do you like to stretch out on a luxurious thick shag carpet to watch TV, or do you like the fact that tightly pulled down loop carpets don’t show footprints or vacuum marks? Are your shoes off in a casual space or do you entertain guests who might be wearing high heels? Different products will “live” differently, so you want to think about how you will use the space so that we can best help you.
“What is the look & feel that you desire?” Every space is unique and how you bring it all together is what makes it your space! There are many ways to go when it comes to decorating your home. Do you desire an elegant kitchen with beautiful stone floors, a country style kitchen with a wide plank distressed wood floor, or maybe a contemporary look with glass, stainless inserts and large format tile? Do you prefer a casual coastal feel with soft sandy colored carpet or an elegant inlaid and bordered wood dining room that sets the scene for the perfect dinner party?